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Deadline - March 31st
NEVER SEEN BEFORE - contest"NEVER SEEN BEFORE" - big Tolkien themed contest
I recently got a comment on my art which made me realize that there are many scenes and characters in Tolkien's book which almost never get illustrated, while you can find hundreds of illustrations for others. Just a few examples would be
- the events during the Scouring of the Shire
- the Ringbearers arriving and living in Valinor
- Galadriel living in Eregion or passing through the mountains to Lórien
- Pippin exploring Minas Tirith with Bergil
- the "lesser known" kings of Gondor and Númenor and Chieftains of Dúnedain
- Túrin attacking Glaurung in front of Nargothrond's gates BEFORE the dragon's look paralyzed him

For this contest, you need to find one that you have NEVER seen illustrated before. I won't give you more examples so you can think of your own, but feel free to use these as well. You do not need to have a thorough knowledge

:icontolkienplz: Talks with Tolkien artists - complete listA complete list of all interviews from the "Talks with Tolkien artists" series. It will be updated after each interview posted.

Bullet; Blue with Gold-Seven :iconGold-Seven:

Bullet; Blue with steamey :iconsteamey:

Bullet; Blue with ekukanova :iconekukanova:

Bullet; Blue with Tulikoura :icontulikoura:
Battle of Nanduhirion, part 3 by Tulikoura

Anything Tolkien related is acceptable in the proper folder, with the exception of:
:bulletred: porn/implicit sexual content
:bulletred: doodles, or badly drawn art
:bulletred: wallpapers/photomanips that use screenshots from the movies and other copyrighted material

:icontolkienplz: The individual races: Elves, Men, Dwarves, Wizards, Hobbits, Valar and Maiar
:icontolkienplz: Evil lords - ladies, as well...
:icontolkienplz: Scenes and races together
:icontolkienplz: Other creatures - Gollum, Ents, Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, orcs, dragons etc...
:icontolkienplz: Humour and Chibies
:icontolkienplz: Locations
:icontolkienplz: Literature - includes calligraphy
:icontolkienplz: Artisan Crafts - anything you made by your own hands
:icontolkienplz: Cosplay
:icontolkienplz: Objects - pictures of unanimated objects and artistic photos of LotR merchandise

Don't worry! We don't decline because of this, but go through the folders regularly and move submissions if they are not placed correctly.


Born of Hope…

The Hunt For Gollum…












March 25 - Tolkien Reading Day

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2015, 3:39 AM

But in Gondor the New Year will always now begin upon the twenty-fifth of March when Sauron fell, and when you were brought out of the fire to the King.
- Gandalf in the Return of the King

March 25 is the date of the defeat of Sauron and fall of Barad-dûr
and gondorian New Year. To celebrate this (fictional) event and the (real) literary genius of J.R.R.Tolkien, this date has been declared as Tolkien Reading Day since 2003.

You can take part anywhere in the world - just open any Tolkien's book and reread your favourite passage. Or you can start reading it all over again - whether you read the whole trilogy or just a few lines, you will be a part of the worldwide community of Tolkien fans doing the same to honour the Professor.

You can also share your thoughts with us - what is your favourite passage, and what are you going to read today?

Tolkien by DandyHerulokion

And this started as a short feature... (but I couldn't stop because there is so much wonderful art inspired by Tolkien)

Luthien Tinuviel by jankolas Gondolin by faQy Tarot: The Lovers by SceithAilm
Music from the deepest forest by Candra The Great Adventure by greensap Alqualonde by tuuliky
I am not my uncle. by SaigaTokihito Feanor.. estasi e tormento by icy-maiden Eorlingas by s-u-w-i
Glorfindel. Before The Storm. by Venlian welcome from Lothlorien,new version by breathing2004 Aredhel in the forest of Nan Elmoth by Sieskja
Arwen and Celebrian by steamey Dior Eluchil(Cover Illustration) by daLomacchi Fiery rhythm. by Righon
Legolas by CG-Warrior Horns of Elfland by Hbruton Fingolfin vs Morgoth by mattleese87
Sauron by Gerwell Recap: Queens of Numenor by shyangell
[Hobbit]King of Dale by Wavesheep Ossiriand by Gold-Seven
The Years of Youth by ekukanova Eowyn of Rohan by Filat
Elvish Feast in Mirkwood by ullakko Aqualonde by marisoly
Thorin and Thranduil by evankart Beren Meets Luthien by RobleskaZeppelin
Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin by DonatoArts To Minas Tirith by AlasseaEarello
elrond council by NachoCastro Ramparts by daRoz
Smaug by Yoann-Lossel Huan's Promise by ebe-kastein
Eowyn and Faramir palace by adrilida1411 Ride to Edoras by Canis-Lupess
Glaurung and Turin by Atriedes Argonath sketch by kimberly80
Meadows of Gondolin by vilva73 Lord of the rings by KnyazevSergey
The Lord of the Rings by Raiddo Lords of the Rings by AbePapakhian
Midsummer's Eve by peet Brothers by Brunild

Rohirrim journal skin.

Horse head © 2009 - Grinmir-stock
Texture by kizistock
Knotwork by gbrgraphix
More Journal Entries


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